Detection and anonymization of sensitive data

We provided comprehensive support to Smartlockr, a company specializing in data security, in their efforts to enhance their machine learning (ML) systems. Our collaboration was focused on developing and refining Smartlockr's capabilities in detecting and anonymizing sensitive data, a critical aspect of data protection in today's digital landscape.


Smartlockr sought to create a powerful Machine Learning model that could effectively identify sensitive data within their data exchange solution.


Our team of dedicated machine learning engineers collaborated closely with Smartlockr to train and deploy a production-ready Machine Learning model. This involved the creation and meticulous labeling of a dataset comprising over 40,000 emails, ensuring the model's capability to accurately detect sensitive data.


Smartlockr achieved a remarkable milestone by seamlessly integrating a new machine learning model for sensitive data protection into their data security platform within an unprecedented timeframe of under three months.