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The Art

Empowering Innovation Through Cutting-Edge Tools and Methodologies

Harnessing LLM’s Potential

Choosing between open-source and proprietary Large Language Models is crucial in AI development. Open-source offers flexibility and cost savings in the mid and long term but demands deeper technical engagement. Proprietary models provide bespoke, integrated solutions with a quicker ramp up and robust support, though at a higher cost. At M47 Labs, we excel in determining the optimal approach for your unique needs, balancing innovation with practical application.

Frameworks We Build On

At M47 Labs, we harness modern frameworks to build robust AI applications. Our toolkit includes frameworks for Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) for dynamic knowledge integration, advanced vector indexing for efficient data retrieval, and sophisticated algorithms for seamless language translation. By leveraging these cutting-edge technologies, we create AI that not only understands and interacts in multiple languages but also processes information with unparalleled precision and speed. Our commitment to modern LLM frameworks positions us at the forefront of AI innovation.

Cloud Platforms: Secure and Scalable AI Deployment

At M47 Labs, we collaborate with leading cloud providers like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud to deploy AI applications. These platforms ensure our AI solutions are not only secure but also scalable to meet evolving business needs. By leveraging the robust infrastructure of these cloud services, we guarantee high-performance, reliable, and flexible AI deployments. This collaboration allows us to offer our clients the peace of mind that comes with state-of-the-art security measures and the adaptability to scale solutions as their businesses grow.

Methodologies in Practice

We embrace Agile and DevOps methodologies to ensure our AI solutions are not only innovative but also reliably delivered. Agile allows us to adapt rapidly to your needs, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness throughout the development process. DevOps bridges the gap between development and operations, enabling a seamless and efficient journey from concept to deployment. Our approach is designed to bring your AI vision to life with precision and speed, ensuring a partnership that evolves and grows with your business.

Keeping Data Safe 

We understand the critical importance of data security in AI solutions. We implement stringent security protocols and leverage advanced encryption technologies to safeguard your data. Our approach is comprehensive, encompassing not only technical measures but also adherence to global data privacy standards. By prioritizing security at every step, we ensure that your data remains protected, giving you the confidence to leverage AI's full potential without compromising safety.

M47AI - Data Labeling Platform

Since 2020, we've been at the forefront of innovation, empowering both our team and partners with advanced tools for annotating and creating high-quality datasets. Our platform is designed to accelerate the training of your ML models, ensuring efficiency and accuracy

Natural Language Processing

Dozens of supported NLP annotation projects that match every enterprise use case. Large international language support for worldwide coverage and UX/UI flows designed with the end user in mind because annotators and project managers don’t need to be techies.

Workforce Management

Monitor annotator’s performance, stats, individual skillsets, scoreboards and cost metrics. Collaborate with large teams for a more productive effort. Let your team annotate, review, comment and quantify consensus and progress.

Intelligent Automation

Reduce manual annotation time throughout ML-assisted and weak supervision labeling. Bring your own ML models to speed up pre-annotation and increase your training datasets with data augmentation techniques.

Project Management

Keep everything under control while tracking, at any time, the project tasks, ongoing reviews, performance dashboards, file versioning, security and much more. Visualize and monitor progress to keep things rolling forward.

Data Quality

Optimize your training datasets with our Quality features: consensus metrics, error detection, label distribution, bias and outliers identification. Organize and visualize your training data in one single place.