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This is our story

It all started because we believe quality still matters

At M47 Labs, our journey began in 2018 with a clear vision: to bring unparalleled quality to the evolving world of AI. Rooted in our belief that excellence in AI engineering isn't just a goal but a necessity, we have dedicated ourselves to building a team of native AI experts, each with deep subject matter expertise. Our European AI hub, strategically situated for real-time global collaboration, harnesses expertise from the continent's tech vanguard. 

Our history is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence. With a team that is overwhelmingly composed of technical experts from over 25 countries, we have carved out a leadership position in the AI solutions sector. Our diverse array of skills and cultural insights enriches our comprehensive approach to AI applications, from enhancing customer experiences to intelligent document processing, and from unlocking data insights to refining text and voice analytics. This breadth of expertise enables us to deliver nuanced, multifaceted AI solutions across various domains.

Different nationalitites


European AI Hub

We have offices in Barcelona and Madrid, two dynamic cities with well-established technology ecosystems. Both cities boast a thriving mix of companies, organizations, and academic institutions that are dedicated to driving technological innovation forward. In addition, the high quality of life and cosmopolitan nature of both cities make them a magnet for IT talent from all over the world.