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How we assisted TrustYou in developing a Machine Learning model for categorizing hotel customer feedback on their hospitality reputation platform.


Trusyou wanted to transition from a rule-based system for hotel review classification to a machine learning model able to classify in more than 800 categories.


Generate a 100,000 reviews dataset of training data and build a text classification model.


Trustyou hospitality solution is ready to process all kinds of customer feedback with higher accuracy versus a rule based system.

Revolutionizing Hotel Feedback Analysis with Trustyou and M47's Data Annotation Platform

Trustyou is a leading provider of guest feedback solutions for the hospitality industry. They wanted to improve their hotel review classification system, which was based on a rule-based system. Trustyou needed a more accurate and efficient way to classify hotel reviews into more than 800 categories.

M47's Data annotation platform has helped Trustyou to overcome the limitations of their previous rule-based system for hotel review classification. Making available for the new model to handle a higher volume and variety of reviews and classify them into the categories needed with accuracy.

The increased efficiency has improved Trustyou's guest feedback solutions, providing more meaningful insights for hotel managers to improve their services. This project demonstrates the power of Machine Learning in improving data management and analysis for the hospitality industry.