Customer feedback sentiment analysis

Developing a Machine Learning model for categorizing hotel customer feedback on their hospitality reputation platform.


Trustyou, a company specializing in hotel review management, encountered a significant challenge in enhancing their review classification system. Their existing system, based on rule-based algorithms, was becoming increasingly inadequate in coping with the growing complexity and volume of hotel reviews. The main limitation was its inability to efficiently categorize reviews into a broad range of classifications, which had expanded to over 800 categories. This limitation hindered their ability to provide precise and nuanced insights into customer feedback. Trustyou recognized the need to transition from this rule-based system to a more advanced, machine learning-based model that could handle the intricate task of classifying reviews accurately across the extensive range of categories.


To address the challenges faced by Trustyou in hotel review classification, we embarked on a two-pronged approach. First, we focused on creating a comprehensive dataset for training purposes. This dataset consisted of 100,000 meticulously curated hotel reviews, selected to represent a wide array of customer feedback across various aspects of the hospitality experience. This rich dataset was critical in capturing the diverse range of sentiments and topics typically found in hotel reviews.

Secondly, we leveraged this dataset to develop an advanced text classification model. This model was designed using the latest techniques in machine learning and natural language processing. It was specifically tailored to identify and classify reviews into more than 800 distinct categories, far surpassing the capabilities of the previous rule-based system. The model was trained to understand the nuances of language and context, enabling it to classify reviews with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency.

Together, the dataset and the text classification model represented a significant technological leap for Trustyou, providing them with a powerful tool to analyze hotel reviews more effectively and accurately.


The deployment of our advanced text classification model marked a transformative moment for Trustyou's hospitality solutions. With this new system in place, the company is now equipped to process an extensive array of customer feedback with a level of accuracy and efficiency that far surpasses the capabilities of their previous rule-based system.

The model's ability to accurately classify reviews into over 800 categories has provided Trustyou with deeper and more nuanced insights into customer experiences and preferences. This enhanced understanding is crucial for their clientele in the hospitality industry, allowing for more targeted and effective responses to guest feedback.

As a result, Trustyou has established itself as a more competent and reliable partner in the hospitality sector, offering solutions that significantly improve the quality of customer experience analysis. This advancement not only benefits their clients in terms of better understanding and responding to guest feedback but also positions Trustyou at the forefront of innovation in hospitality technology.