AI Agent for Travel Insurance Support

We partnered with a leading insurance company to enhance their customer service integrating a Large Language Model (LLM) into their Salesforce chatbot. This upgrade aimed to provide immediate, 24/7 support for credit card holders inquiring about travel insurance, improving customer satisfaction and reducing support staff workload.


The client, a leading insurance company, wanted to offer immediate, 24/7 support to credit card holders inquiring about the travel insurance benefits associated with their cards. They aimed to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the call volume and waiting times for their support staff. The starting point for our client was a website, a keyword based chatbot and a database with all the credit card documentation available and related T&C.


To design and deploy an AI Agent on the client's portal and hosted on their cloud premises. The AI chatbot could effectively and promptly handle customer queries regarding travel insurance benefits associated to their credit card. The goal was to automatically answer queries in a very conversational way while also providing a customized onboarding experience per user, country and language for credit card holders.


Our solution effectively addressed several key challenges in improving the client's customer support:

  1. Navigating Insurance Complexity: We tackled the intricate nature of travel insurance, which varies in coverage, exclusions, and terms depending on the card type, country, language, and customer profile. Our AI Agent was adept at managing these complexities, providing accurate and specific information tailored to each inquiry.
  2. Handling High Query Volume: With the client's large customer base, our AI Agent was crucial in managing thousands of daily inquiries. It demonstrated the capability to handle these queries concurrently and efficiently, significantly reducing waiting times and improving customer experience.
  3. Seamless System Integration: A critical aspect of our solution was the seamless integration of the AI chatbot with the client's existing CRM and database systems. This allowed for real-time information retrieval, ensuring that the chatbot could provide the most up-to-date and relevant information to the users.

Overall, our AI chatbot played a pivotal role in enhancing customer satisfaction by offering immediate, personalized support, and reducing the burden on the client's support staff.