Machine Learning Services

Our Machine Learning Models Services include the development and training of custom models that can provide actionable insights to our clients, while providing ongoing support to ensure that the models remain effective and accurate over time.

Model Training & Development

Custom ML systems are trained to recognize certain types of patterns that help automate multiple different workflows. Our ML team helps you identify the right algorithm and/or leverage out-of-the-box cutting edge ML solutions to tackle your specific business case.

Model Internationalization

Build and launch your NLP application for international markets. Our language based NLP and Linguist teams can help adapt your ML algorithm to any language and market to increase your audience.

Model Audit & Explainable AI

ML model audits are important because they help to ensure that an ML model is accurate, reliable, and free of bias. We evaluate and assess the performance, reliability, and bias of an ML model. This typically involves collecting and analyzing data on the model's performance, comparing it to benchmarks or other models, and identifying areas for improvement.