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How we facilitate Dignifai's data labeling services for the US market through our data labeling platform.


Dignifai did not find the Data Labeling Platform that matches all their needs providing labeling services in the US market.


Our Data Labeling PLatform covered the 80% of theirs needs and we developed custom features to cover the 100% of their needs.


Dignifai was able to deliver data annotations 10x faster and increase its quality.

Revolutionise your healthcare AI initiatives. Deliver high-quality data annotations faster and efficiently

Dignifai is a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for the healthcare industry. They needed a reliable and efficient data labeling platform to support their Machine Learning initiatives. However, they were unable to find a data labeling platform that could meet their specific needs in the US market.

Our platform helped Dignifai overcome their challenges and deliver high-quality data annotations faster. The custom platform we developed covered 100% of Dignifai's data labeling needs, significantly reduced the time and effort required for data labeling.

This project demonstrates the importance of a reliable and efficient platform for Machine Learning initiatives and how M47 Labs can provide custom solutions to meet specific data labeling requirements.