Natural Language Processing Platform

A no-code proprietary platform that helps us deliver high-quality AI products 10x faster by improving how engineering and data resources work together throughout the AI data pipeline.

Data Labeling

Our cutting-edge platform leverages a unique blend of human expertise and sophisticated automation techniques to generate superior training data, which can be utilized to develop machine learning models that are primed for deployment. By utilizing the skills of our experienced data labeling professionals, along with advanced algorithms and AI technologies, we ensure that the data generated is of the highest quality, with minimal errors or inconsistencies. This enables our clients to create robust ML models that deliver accurate and reliable results, even in complex real-world scenarios.

Data Generation

Our platform is designed to equip users with a comprehensive suite of tools that enable the creation of vast and varied datasets and corpora, which are essential for effective machine learning model training. With features such as data augmentation, synthetic data generation, and regex techniques, our platform enables you to create diverse and representative datasets that can improve the accuracy and reliability of your models. With our platform's robust tools and cutting-edge technologies at your disposal, you can create high-quality datasets that will help you unlock the full potential of machine learning in your business.

Data & Model Quality Assurance

Our platform is equipped with a plethora of advanced data quality tools, empowering our Data Quality Assurance teams to ensure that our clients' data and machine learning models are free of bias and produce accurate predictions. With features such as data profiling, data cleansing, and data verification, our platform can identify and rectify any inconsistencies or inaccuracies in your data, ensuring that your models are based on high-quality, representative data. Our platform's sophisticated machine learning algorithms also enable us to detect potential sources of bias, such as imbalanced datasets, and address them through techniques such as oversampling or undersampling. By taking these proactive steps, we can help our clients to build machine learning models that deliver unbiased, reliable predictions, free from any negative impacts of bias.

Data Anonymization

Our innovative platform is designed to identify and eliminate sensitive information from datasets, thus safeguarding the privacy of individuals and enabling the safe use of data for machine learning model training or incorporation into our clients' data pipelines. With advanced anonymization techniques such as data masking, tokenization, and hashing, our platform ensures that any sensitive personal information is removed or obfuscated in compliance with relevant privacy regulations. Our platform's machine learning algorithms can also identify patterns and correlations in the data, ensuring that the anonymization process doesn't negatively impact the quality or usefulness of the data set. By effectively removing personal data from the equation, our clients can use this information to develop machine learning models without exposing individuals' private information, thus reducing the risk of data breaches or other privacy-related issues.

Data Structuring and Insights

Our platform boasts an extensive catalog of machine learning models, enabling us to extract valuable insights and information from unstructured client data, such as invoices, medical reports, or call center audio recordings. By leveraging our platform's powerful natural language processing (NLP), we can analyze and categorize vast amounts of unstructured data with remarkable speed and accuracy. Our platform's advanced algorithms enable us to identify patterns and trends in the data, providing our clients with valuable insights that they can use to optimize their operations, improve customer experiences, or make more informed decisions. With our platform's versatile machine learning models, we can customize our solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, providing them with a tailored approach to their data analysis challenges.

We are an ISO-27001 certified company

Data is one the most valuable assets a company has today. At M47 Labs privacy and security are non-negotiable as they speak for our integrity and service quality.